ESG (Environment Social Governance)

Dataking is dedicated to contributing to sustainable social values

Cloud Environment

All the metaverse solutions from Dataking are hosted through cloud-flatform.
You can always use our services anywhere with internet connections.

Eco-friendly & Less energy consumption Business model

It becomes non-necessary to hire places or publish pamphlets, when you are a host of metaverse virtual exhibition.
Visitors don't have to drive to exhibitions. No CO2 emissions and limitless capacities for visitors, what could be better?

Measurable Success

Various indicators are provided to show the cost benefits and effectiveness of virtual exhibitions.
You can also gather visitor engagement data for marketing purposes.

360 Hexa Studio - Editor
XR Exhibition

A type

User DIY booth editing.
4 larger booths and 20 smaller booths for 1 edit coupon.
1,000,000 ₩ for one-time usage, 2,000,000 ₩ for three-times usages. (cost for cloud hosting not included)
Exhibition statistics available

XR Convention

B type

Virtual space suited to convention types of exhibitions
Each booth with detailed, clickable contents
Statistics solution provided

XR Showroom

C type

Designed for exhibitions focusing on services and technologies
Q&A solution for visitors
Statistics solution provided

XR Museum​

D type

Suited for museum, gallery types of exhibitions
Guestbook, writer profile section provided
Pieces introductions with the video link or pdf document
Statistics solution provided

Data Analytics


Visitors comments manager
Issuing invitations, events coupons.
Printable, downloadable statistics. (CSV, PDF)

Visitors Statistics

Visitor engagements
Booths preferences

Detailed Statistics

Contents preferences within booth.
Data print

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